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The Bug Dash is a cool new product that I have invented for my Volkswagen New beetle. Its a plastic dash cover that installs over pre-existing New Beetle Dash.Not only does it protect the New Beetle dash from sunlight with added UV inhibitor but it creates a functional space for storage.It has raised vertical walls so new beetle owners can use the dash for storage of items while driving. It fits all VW New Beetles (1997-2010)


Do you Have scratches on your New Beetle Dash You Want to Cover up? Then the Bug Dash is a cost effective alternative to dash replacement. Need a Place to Mount your GPS Navigation, IPOD, cell phone holder, Radar Detector, or Other System? Try the Vertical Bug Dash Cover.


It is offered in black textured ABS and a multitude of colors and style. Want to give your New Beetle a custom look. Check out the colored or upholstered dash covers. Browse to Discover the Magic of the Bug Dash Cover


Product Demonstration of the Bug Dash Cover


Product Demonstration Video

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